Great News for Our Students – Lake View High School Is Getting a Maker Space!

A lot more details to come over the next month, but for now the basics…

Q. What is a Maker Space?asucic_8
A. The Maker Space is a lab that allows students to integrate high tech devices and applications into the process of creating, designing, and actually building prototypes, products, artistic work, etc.  Because it is an environment meant to provide students with the tools to craft and build actual items, don’t be surprised to see a drill press or a sewing machine sitting next to high-precision laser cutters and 3-D printers.
Q. Does my student have to be into engineering or computers to use the Maker Space Lab?
A. No!  The purpose of the Maker Space is to allow all students to utilize a variety of tools to build upon their creativity, critical thinking and innovation skills in real-life situations.   These creative opportunities are just as valuable and relevant to students with an art or history focus as they are to students with a more technology-based focus.
Q. Will access to the Maker Space lab be limited to only certain students?
makerspace_kidsA. No!   The lab will be accessible to all LVHS students through integration of the Maker Space lab into the broader coursework of various classes as well as after-school access for further independent use by students.
Q. When will the Maker Space be open at Lake View HS?
A. The schedule is to have the space set up and operational by April, with the lab being fully utilized as part of the broader Lake View High School curriculum for our students at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year in September.
Q. How will the Maker Space be developed to maximize its potential?
ic750085A. Ty Graham, LVHS Assistant Principal & STEM Director, will be working closely with our partners from Microsoft and Northwestern University in designing the space, assessing equipment/supply requirements, and determining how to best integrate the space into the Lake View curriculum.  The Maker Space will utilize similar equipment found at universities like Northwestern, providing our students a University-quality experience to best prepare them for their college years (and beyond).

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