Exciting News: Northwestern Partners with Lake View

Dear Members of the Lake View Community,

I have exciting news to share with you: Northwestern University has adopted Lake View High School and will be our Early College STEM Partner!

Northwestern University has an international reputation for STEM teaching and learning, for work in the field of education, and for programs that enrich and accelerate the growth of academically talented students. We are eager to leverage these strengths to provide increased opportunities for our students and increased support for the work our teachers are doing every day. And we are delighted to offer Northwestern’s students of education the opportunity to work in a high-performing, diverse neighborhood school with a strong STEM focus. As we move forward, we plan to engage faculty and students on both campuses in identifying where and how our partnership can be most impactful.

Of course, Lake View High School would not be the school that it is without the support of our other partners, including DePaul and the City Colleges on the educational side, Microsoft, Deloitte, and the Chicago Cubs on the corporate side, and GrowCommunity as an essential link with our neighborhood. We see our coming work with Northwestern as adding to and complementing the work of our existing partners, and we are incredibly grateful for all of their support.

When Northwestern Vice President for Research Jay Walsh stepped in our building for the first of many planning meetings, he remarked that with Northwestern and Lake View sharing the “Wildcat” moniker, the partnership seemed almost fated. It’s taken a lot of thinking and planning to bring this about, and we’re so very excited to link our Wildcats with theirs.


Paul J. Karafiol

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