Final Numbers: LVHS Seniors Earn 781 College Acceptances

End-of-year data from last year is in, and the 2015 LVHS graduating class saw a total of 781 college acceptances, a total amounting to nearly three university acceptances per senior. “This number represents a range of colleges, matched to a huge range of higher education goals among our seniors,” said Erin Howell, College & Career Coach.

“The numbers are great, but it’s the stories behind the numbers that I’m so proud of. From Ivy League to outstanding state schools to smaller specialized colleges, our 2015 LVHS seniors are spread across the United States and taking the aspirations and learnings from LVHS with them,” says Principal Scott Grens. “Whatever university a student aspires to, it is our job to get them there; and, these numbers demonstrate that our team is doing that.”

This year, 41 LVHS students have already been nominated for four-year, full-tuition Posse Scholarships, awarded to students with outstanding academic and leadership credentials.

If you are interested in learning more about Lake View High School – Chicago’s Premier Neighborhood High School – please visit the school website at and visit the LVHS Open House on October 24th from 9am-12pm.

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