LVHS Senior Represents Chicago at White House Science Fair, Sets Sights on Congress

LVHS Senior Represents Chicago at White House Science FairMoving from City Science Fair to the White House as the sole representative of Chicago might suggest a future in science, but Lucy has other plans – becoming a Congresswoman. A two-time honoree at the City Science Fair, Lucy recently chose from a number of university offers – including U of I at Urbana, Michigan State, Iowa, and others – and selected The University of Mississippi, due to the strength of the political science program.

“My incentive to model an electronic pancreas is personal,” says Lucy, “as I come from a long line of diabetics and wanted to contribute to a cure. I love the experience and environment of Science Fair, but apart from science I spent all the sleepless nights of getting it right because I knew it could help people.”

Lucy’s long-term goal of becoming a Congresswoman is built around the same desire to bring positive change to the world, and she notes that beyond meeting with the President, Vice President, the Administrator of NASA, and even Bill Nye, it was the other projects at the White House that inspired her most.

“There were five kindergarten students who created a Lego-based device that turns pages for people who are paralyzed,” says Lucy. “Across the board, the students I met made me so hopeful for the future.”

Asked about her experience at LVHS, Lucy is quick to point out that as an Ambassador for the school, she works to correct misperceptions and hearsay about the school.

“It seems like people believe the first thing they hear, whether it’s true or not,” says Lucy. “People should learn for themselves, like I did, and as more parents and students are doing.”
“Coming from Audubon, LVHS is the perfect size for me. There are so many opportunities – I was able to play varsity softball, participate in the French Club and Alliance Francaise, participate in the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, compete in Mock Trial… every year, there is more to experience here. That’s not talk. That’s the truth.”

Asked about academics, Lucy recounts her experiences as a freshman. “I was a high-performer at Audubon, so I was recommended into Honors classes, and I’ve stayed mostly an Honors and AP student. I like the faster pace of the classes, and all of my teachers have made themselves available outside of the school day to help me where I needed it.”

But Lucy says that the school’s overall culture and spirit has been particularly supercharged over the last year, and that you can feel it in the hallways.

“I feel it more every month – knowing this school from the inside, I’m glad to see that the old stories about Lake View are finally giving way to the truth.”

Watch Lucy’s recent appearance on ABC TV here.

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